Wednesday, June 30, 2010

GET TO KNOW MissYvette415!!!!

This is pretty cool my first blog!!!

Well i was inspired to become a blogger by one of my most favorite make
up guru's from YouTube DULCE CANDY!!!
she is the best, I love her style
tips, and she has a great personality. I myself want to start beuty videos, but
i have a few thing's i need to learn. So for now i will talk about one thing is
being a teen mom and being in a relationship.
But for you to be interested
let me tell you about myself my given name is Yvette and I am 19, birthday
September 18, I am from the bay area. I have being told I am very friendly and
great to get alone with. If it was up to me everyone would be my friend :)
love to go out, talk on the phone, watch TV shows, sex and the city, gossip
girl, cashmire mafia, the hills, laguna beach, the city, the o.c, teen mom, 16
and pregnant and any show that you would consider very girly I guess you would
say. I graduated high school in 2008 , and i miss it so much. When I was still
in high school I would never want to go, but now I wish I could have being there
everyday. At the age18 I met my boyfriend Joseph we met online and I guess we
hit it off great. At that moment in my life I just wanted to have fun go out and
enjoy being young, but I got pregnant and that change everything.

would tell you about my life before I was 17 , but its not important because
that's not me anymore. But let me tell you this my pregnancy was the worse
moment I had ever dealt with in my life.

But ill tell you Bout it on my
next blog.

Ill try to post up everyday until I can let you guys know
what happened in my daily life that has brought me to this point. I'm just doing
this blog to get advice and be able to talk to someone or many people
things that are driving me
to depression.

Maybe this will help me
get things of my chest

Well till next time.

Ill be seeing

(If I miss any important fact about my self ill make
sure to do a followed up blog to this one)

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